How do I add a new advertiser?

There are a couple ways, but likely the quickest way is using the advertiser flyout. To access the flyout simply click the + icon to the right of the "Advertisers" tab in the left hand sidebar. Once open simply fill in the applicable info and click "Next".

If you're looking to create a campaign you can also add an advertiser to "Advertiser" dropdown by clicking the "Ad New Advertiser" button. Once the advertiser info has been added you'll be taken to the campaign creation screen.

A few notes:

  • You can view, search, and add advertisers here
  • The "Status" dropdown allows you to specify whether the advertiser is simply a lead or if they're ready to place orders
  • When possible use valid contact info. Reason being, you can leverage Pro's built-in messaging system ( to communicate with advertisers and/or ad networks. Also, this contact info is used when sending invoices (an optional feature in Pro).
  • For Marketplace orders the the advertiser's info is automatically added to Pro