Getting Started With BuySellAds Pro: Your First Steps (screencast)

Note, we will be updating this screencast to reflect the new UI soon

If you're just getting started with BuySellAds Pro, this 13 minute video will give you some insight on how to get up and running quickly. In it we cover some of the first step most publishers should take, including:

  1. Adding your country and timezone: Open in Pro | KB Article
  2. Creating your first ad zone (note, ad zones are simply ad units):
  3. Placing your first order by creating a new campaign with ads
  4. Grabbing your ad code and placing it on your site:

In the video we also briefly touch on some of the more advanced features:

Some additional sections of Pro that you should check out when time permits include:

  • People & Permissions (Open in Pro | KB Article): Invite other people to have access to your Pro account
  • Current campaigns: (Open in Pro | KB Article): A list of all your active campaigns and ads
  • Advertisers: (Open in Pro | KB Article): Breakout of all your active and inactive advertisers
  • Inventory: (Open in Pro | KB Article): Manage your zones (ad units)
  • Custom Ad Templates: (Open in Pro | KB Article): Unleash the power of native ads & build something amazing!
  • Services: (Open in Pro | KB Article): Connect your Pro account to Twitter, Adsense, Adx, and more
  • Notifications: (Open in Pro): Ad approvals, cashout requests, and such will appear here
  • Invoices: (Open in Pro): View the status of all invoices you've sent or mark one as paid

Understanding the three main priority tiers in Pro:

  • Direct Sale - Otherwise known as guaranteed inventory, direct sales, are always your highest priority ads
  • 3rd Party - Ad networks serve when there are no direct ads to serve in a specific zone
  • House - If you have no direct or 3rd party ads in a zone, a house ad will serve

Remember, the job of the ad server is to serve ads based on the priorities their set up with and to pace them properly over their run dates.