Adding a User to Your Pro Account

With Pro it's easy to add users to your account and assign them various access levels. This is a quick article to show you how to do just that (in the near future we will expand it to include details about access levels). Let's get started.

Granting Access

  1. Click the settings / gear icon in the top right and select, "People & Permissions"

  2. Click "Add User"

  3. Simply add the user's email address then click, "Grant Access"

That's it. The user will now receive an email invite to Pro and once they accept it they will have access. Once a user has accepted the invite they will appear in the list of users in the left hand column on,'s that have not accepted the invite will appear under,"Pending Acceptance".

Revoking Access

How you do this depends on if the user has accepted your invite yet or not. If they have not simply click, "Revoke" next to their name under "Pending Acceptance". This will revoke their invite. If they are already a user just click the trash icon to the right of their name.