Status Indicators in Pro: What they Mean and How to Use them to Pause, Archive, or Reactivate an Ad

Changing the status of an ad in Pro -- such as pausing, archiving or reactivating it -- is easy. Throughout the app you'll see status indicators that look like these:

Pro Status Indicators

Here's what those mean:

  • Green -- The ad is actively serving, or ready to serve.
  • Red -- It's stopped, likely because It's in need of a creative
  • Yellow Paused -- Not serving because it's been paused
  • Gray Folder -- It has been archived and stopped

Now, let's say you want to pause or archive an ad. To do this simply hover over the status indicator and select the option you desire.

Change Ad Status

After confirming that you want to change the ad's status the indicator will change, as will the status of the ad (e.g. it will go from Live to Paused, or Paused to Live).

That's really all there is to it, but a few notes are in order:

  • You can't change the status of some ads. For example, ads from the Marketplace can't have their status changed.