Make a Campaign in a CPM Zone Serve as Quickly as Possible

The title of this one sort of says it all. Sometimes you just need to get a specific campaign in a CPM zone -- regardless of the other campaigns in the zone -- to finish as fast as it possibly can. This implies using all the available impressions in that zone until the campaign is done. You can either set this option when creating the campaign, or after the fact by editing it via "Ad Settings". Regardless of when you set it, the location of the option and outcome is the same.

  • Start by building a new campaign. Here we're using the handy flyout by clicking the + icon to the right of "CAMPAIGNS" in the sidebar. This option only applies to direct campaigns, so that's what we'll select.

  • Select the appropriate CPM zone on the right. In this case we'll use the, "Leaderboard".

  • Now is when you would configure all the different options for this campaign, so as we stated earlier, let's assume you want this campaign to be end as quickly as possible. Expand the dropdown under "TYPE" and check "Serve ad as fast as possible?".

  • That's really it. Now, once you're finished entering all your other settings and uploading your creative, click, "Next" the, "Place Order".