How to Set Up and Serve Roadblock Campaigns Using Companion Ads

Take the sweat out of serving roadblocks with companion ads

If an advertiser wants to serve two or more ads together it's typically called a roadblock (also sometimes referred to as takeovers). Once you've sold a roadblock it can be tricky to figure out how to actually serve it. Fortunately, by leveraging companion ads Pro makes it easy.

As the name implies, companion ads have a parent / child relationship. When a parent ad loads all the child ads will also load (assuming the ad code for the child ad zone is installed on the same page). Companion ads are added when you create a campaign, so let's run through a quick example:

First, start by creating a new campaign.

From the Create Campaign page select the parent zone from the list of zones on the right.

Once you've selected the zone it will appear on the left. Be sure to fill in all the details for this campaign, including the Nickname, Rate, Start / End Dates, and so on. Once done add your first companion by clicking the "Companion" button. This will bring up a list of your other zones. From the list select the zone you want to add as a companion and click, "Add Companion Unit".

Now you'll see the companion ad below the parent, connected via a link icon.

That's pretty much it! If the campaign looks good go ahead and click, "Place Order" to continue.

Important Notes

  • You can have multiple companion ads. Simply click the "Companion" button again to add more than one.
  • Parent ads can serve alone, but the companions can't.
  • If your parent ad has multiple companions, but all those companion ads don't exist on the same page it can still serve.
  • Companion ads inherit most of their settings from the parent ad.