How do I preview my ad on my site?

Make sure an ad works and displays properly by previewing it on site

After you've saved an ad in Pro it's important to preview it on site to make sure everything looks good. Doing this is easy. Simply load up the ad detail page for the ad you'd like to preview (ad details pages include, "/ads/details/id/" in the URL). Once on the ad details page, in the top right hand corner, click the icon shaped like an "eye" (see screenshot below). Once clicked a flyout will appear where you can enter the URL where you'd like to preview the ad (see the notes below as to why this is important).

After you click the "Preview" button the URL you entered will open in a new window and you should see your ad, as shown in the example screenshot below.

A few notes:

  • The ad must be saved first before previewing
  • If the ad contains multiple creatives you my have to refresh the preview multiple times before you'll see each creative
  • Previewed ads will not affect stats
  • The ad code and applicable zone needs to appear on the page where you're trying to preview the ad. For example, if you're trying to preview a 300x250 ad on your homepage, but the homepage doesn't have a 300x250 ad nothing will show. This is why we allow you to specify the page URL when you click the preview button.