Creating custom ad serving templates

Custom ad serving templates allow you to get really creative with both the type of ad you serve with Publisher Pro and also the html that renders the ad when it's served. They are pretty easy to use, but you will need some knowledge of HTML and CSS at a minimum, and maybe even some JavaScript depending on what you are looking to do.

Here are a couple live examples of using custom ad serving templates:

To get started:

Go to the Ad Serving Templates link in the top right setting menu (click the gear icon):

Click on the Add New button.

This is where you will configure your template. Here is what the Custom Template for the Link Box example we cited above looks like:

Some notes:

The Template Title is what we will use to refer to this template on the zone settings page (i.e. once you create the template, you will need to select the template to be used for serving a particular zone as seen below).

  • Header section contains code rendered BEFORE the ad is displayed. This section typically contains the ad's CSS, JavaScript (if applicable), and any opening HTML tags
  • Ad section contains the ad's HTML template and any macros (see note about "Template Macros" below).
  • Footer is what is rendered AFTER the ad is displayed. Be sure to close out any HTML tags you opened up in the "Header" field.

The "Template Macros" in the right column are the creative elements that are custom to this template. These are the form fields you will be filling out when placing an order for one of your advertisers in your Publisher Pro account.