For publishers who want to do cool stuff

  • Build, sell, and serve custom/native ad units Quick and easy tools to help you invent and serve your own native ad format(s).
  • Device agnostic ad serving Serve ads anywhere with our flexible ad serving API: desktop, mobile web, in-app (iOS, Android, etc), or even on an elevator display screen!
  • Direct and self-serve sales tools Tools to enable your direct sales team for larger brand campaigns coupled with a self-serve buying interface to enable DIY.
  • Advanced targeting and segmentation Geo, contextual, browser, platform, and custom targeting. Frequency capping, scheduling, and all of the advanced features you would expect from a top shelf ad server.
  • Tried and tested adtech that scales We've been around for years, serving and selling ads on some of the web's most prolific sites. We're a tech-first focused team with a product built for scale.
tinyfactory and buysellads publisher pro
Michael Sacca and his team at TinyFactory used Publisher Pro to build a native ad format into their Instatabs plugin to sell “promoted photos”.
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